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The First Russian Guide to Universities of Switzerland

ALIOSHAcommunication Ltd
in brief, 15.11.2006


Private company founded by Mr. Altukhov Valery on 20 September 2001.
The main activities are:

- Promotion and implementation of the idea of the Fund, which mission is to organize cooperation of “talents” (students, professors, researchers, engineers) with venture capitalists (business-angels, risk capital, industrial investors) in creating hi-tech startups by engineers-researchers-entrepreneurs of Russian and European universities.

Fund «Switzerland-Russia: education, research, innovations»
Business-plan, the first stages of creation of the Fund: «seed financing» and «start-up».

www.uni-ch.ru «The First Russian Guide to Universities of Switzerland»
(created in 1999 by the company «ALIOSHAtravel» . Since 2001, carried on by the company «ALIOSHAcommunication»)

  • Information in Russian on the faculties of basic and engineering sciences of the Institutes of technology EPFL and ETHZ, on the universities of Lausanne, Zurich, Geneva, Fribourg, Bern, Neuchatel, Basel, St.Gallen, Lugano
  • Admission conditions for Russian students, preparation for entrance, scholarships, addresses of funds
  • Publications
        -  In Swiss press
        -  In Russian press (23 articles since 1999, the first visit of Russian journalists to Swiss universities organized by the company “ALIOSHAtravel”)
  • Catalogue of annotated references to web-sites of Russia, Switzerland, European states, USA on: research, entrepreneurship, venture financing, life sciences,… (more than 1100 references on 30 September 2004)
  • - Publishing activities- Business magazine « Swiss Vision»

    • Concept – platform for Swiss enterprises in Russian market for developing economic, commercial and scientific relations;
    • Target audience –decision-makers (founders, enterprise owners and top-managers, including small and middle enterprises, in financial, industrial, commercial, scientific, technological sectors);
    • Unique edition in Russia offering a wide range of information on Switzerland: Business, Investments, Sciences, Culture and Tourism. Edition: 54 000 copies/ 120 000 readers;
    • Edition registered by the Ministry of Press, Broadcasting and Mass Media of the Russian Federation on 30 October 2001, certificate ПИ № 77-11027. Periodicity: 4 times per year. Languages: Russian, French, English ;
    • In 2002, 2 issues published in collaboration with OSEC Business Network Switzerland, official promoter of Swiss foreign trade, and in tight cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia;
    • Circulation with the newspaper “Vedomosti” (the edition Independent Media with The Wall Street Journal & Financial Times) .

    - Services in all types of communication and advertisement

    Organization of a press conference for Russian and Swiss medias, invitation of representatives of the business, scientific and political circles to the inauguration of Swiss Business Hub in Russia, on 19 december 2002 , Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow, under the contract with OSEC Business network, Switzerland .

    - Information support for the business in all economic activities

    www.swissvision.ru - the electronic version of the magazine « Swiss Vision».

    ALIOSHAcommunication Ltd.
    37-2, Vernadsky avenue, Moscow 117415
    tel. +7 (495) 938 94 43 / 92 85, mob. +7 (903) 797 18 30
    alioshacommunic@swissvision.ru,   www.uni-ch.ru


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