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The First Russian Guide to Universities of Switzerland

ALIOSHAtravel Ltd
in brief, 15.11.2006


Private company founded by Mr. Altukhov Valery on 2 September 1992.
The main activities in Switzerland and Russia are:

    VIP-tourism in Switzerland

  • Beauty and Health
       Since 1995 – the official representative of Clinique La Prairie in Russia, CIS and Baltic States.
  • Education
         Private schools and international camps in French Switzerland
  • Traveling, Gastronomy, Festivals...
         Hotels Relais & Chateaux and The Swiss Deluxe Hotels, restaurants Les Grandes Tables de Suisse, trips for classical music and jazz festivals, ballet, exhibitions...
  •     Business and tourism trips to Russia from Francophone and Hispanic countries

        Communications and PR
       (concept, organization, trips for press and television journalists to Switzerland, …)
       Interview-reports in 1996-1999 in Switzerland with lord Iegudi Menukhin, Guidon Kremer, Dmitry Nabokov, sir Peter Ustinov, Alla Demidova, Oleg Efremov for the programs "Namedni", "Gueroy dnya", "Segodnia vecherom".
       Items filmed in 1996-99 in Montreux, Lausanne and Geneva for the film "Nabokov’s Century" by Leonid Parfenov. Premiere on the channel NTV on 23 April 1999.
       In September 1999 – organization of filming the items "Switzerland is a symbol of success" for the film "Namedni, 1993" (premiere on 21 December 1999) and "Swiss campaign of Alexander Suvorov, 1799" for the film "Russian Empire is the epoch of Catherine the Great and Pavel I" (Premiere on 3 March 2001).

            Business, Education, Travel, Life style and other magazines and newspapers
       Editorials in 1996-2005: "Start-Up Creation, Venture Capital, Technology Management", "Russian scientists in Switzerland - CERN and EPFL", "Universities of Switzerland", "Vladimir Nabokov in Montreux Palace", "Dmitry Nabokov and his enthusiasm for cars", “Montreux Jazz Festival”, “Royal Park Evian”, "Rolls-Royce Enthusiast's Club, Swiss division", "Neuchatel", "Opening the terraces Lavaux", "Winter rest in Crans-Montana", "Mountains and lakes of the canton Ticino", "Swiss Riviera", "Lugano, Ascona and Montreux", "Geneva and Lausanne", "The canton Valais in winter", "Crans-Montana", "A classical journey in Switzerland", "The best gastronomic restaurants in Switzerland", "Private schools of French Switzerland", "Switzerland through teenager’s eyes", "Clinique La Prairie"...

            www.uni-ch.ru "The First Russian Guide to Universities of Switzerland"
            (Development started in 1999. Since 2001, carried on by the company ALIOSHAcommunication Ltd)
       Information in Russian about the faculties of basic and engineering sciences of the institutes of technology EPFL and ETHZ, universities of Lausanne, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Neuchatel, St.Gallen: entrance, scholarships, courses, publications in Russian and Swiss press, catalogue of references to reseach, innovations, etc.

        In May 1996, Valery Altukhov, President of the company "ALIOSHAtravel", together with Mr. Maurice R.L.Urech, General Manager of the hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo in Lugano, founded a special prize for "The Best Performance of Russian Pianoforte Miniatures".
        Since 1996, annual concerts of prize beneficiaries are holded with support of the founders in Lugano, Switzerland, and in Tambov, Russia. A concert of the beneficiaries of the prize for 1996-99 opened on 29 April 2000 the III-d International Contest for Young Pianists named after Sergey Rahmaninov (Tambov, Russia).
        On 3 August 2000, a concert of Daniil Sayamov, the first prize laureate of the Contest, took place in Lugano; on 18 December 2001 in Tambov passed a concert of Pavel Kushnir, diploma laureate of the Contest.
        In December 1997, Aliosha Altukhov, aged 13, presented his piano "Offenbaher" to the Museum of А. Verstovsky, composer and director of Bolshoy Theatre at the 19th century, in the village Staro-Yurievo of the Tambov region.

    ALIOSHAtravel Ltd
    37/2 Vernadsky avenue, Moscow 119415
    tel. +7 495 938 94 43, tel./fax +7 495 938 92 85, mob. +7 903 797 18 30, 720 82 26
    www.alioshatravel.ru , www.clprairie.ru , www.uni-ch.ru


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