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The First Russian Guide to Universities of Switzerland

The First Russian Guide to Universities of Switzerland
in brief, 19.12.2006


Encouragement of the cooperation between Russia and Switzerland in the domains of education, research, development of technology


  • assist young talents
  • contribute to the cooperation between Russian and Swiss universities in the domains of education, research and innovations
  • promote Russian researchers in getting partnerships in Switzerland
  • support the cooperation between Russia and Switzerland in private economic sector
Target audience
  • Students of physico-mathematical schools, 15-17 years old
  • Students, researchers, post-graduates, doctors, professors of
    • Technical universities
    • Faculties of basic and engineering sciences
    • State research institutes
    • Private companies
  • Young scientists and entrepreneurs
  • Decision-makers of high-tech enterprises
  • Venture capitalists
  • Information in Russian on the faculties of basic and engineering sciences of the Institutes of technology EPFL and ETHZ, on the universities of Lausanne, Zurich, Geneva, Fribourg, Bern, Neuchatel, Basel, St.Gallen, Lugano
  • Admission conditions for Russian students, preparation for entrance, scholarships, addresses of funds for scholarship requests
  • Practical guides for students (cycles Bachelor and Master) and for PhD candidates at EPFL
  • Information on everyday living, studying, training, working in Switzerland
  • Publications
    • In Swiss press (30 articles, 12 periodicals)
    • in Russian press (33 articles in 9 periodicals since 1999, the first visit of Russian journalists to Swiss universities)
  • Catalogue of annotated references to web-sites of Russia, Switzerland, European states, USA on: research, entrepreneurship, venture financing, life sciences,… (more than 1100 references on 30 September 2004).
  • In 1999-2000 the company «ALIOSHAtravel» organized trips for Russian journalists to Swiss universities with support of regional offices of tourism, the air company Swissair, the press-services of EPFL, EPFZ, the universities of Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, IMD, CERN.
  • In 2002 the company «ALIOSHAcommunication» edited two issues of the business magazine “Swiss Vision” with support of Osec Business Network Switzerland, official promoter of Swiss foreign trade, and in tight collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in the Russian Federation
  • Beginning in 2005, the partners of the site are Swiss companies :
    ROSBANK (SWITZERLAND) SA Geneva является важным игроком в коммерческой банковской сфере. В этой области он выступает  как связующее звено между рынками Западной и Восточной Европы, в особенности России Швейцарская авиакомпания "Swiss International Air Lines AG", сокращенно SWISS, выполняет рейсы  на 70 направлений (43 европейских и 27 межконтинентальных) в 42 странах мира
Developers Since 1999, on the initiative of the company ALIOSHAtravel - Concept, content, translation into Russian, promotion in Russian press,…
The web-site was registered on 24 November 2000.
Since 2001, carried on by
ALIOSHAcommunication Ltd
37/2 Vernadsky avenue, Moscow, Russia, 119415
tel. +7 (495) 938 94 43 / 92 85, mob. +7 (903) 720 82 26, 797 18 30

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